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ヘッディング 6

Film”keememej” 93minutes 

April, 1945. One Japanese soldier lost his life in the embattled Marshall Islands. The cause  was hunger. He had been cut off from the supply line. The diary he had kept until a few hours before his death, along with his last words, were brought back to his family after the war, by his fellow soldier who had miraculously survived.

April, 2016. His son has turned 74. He goes on a trip to visit where his father spent last moments of his life. With him are his three of his younger friends, who have lived on the Marshall Islands before.

Islanders who still live next to the remains of the war; Japanese words that are still spoken mixed with the Marshall language. Memories we have long tried to bury come forth and pose many questions to us. (translated by Ryuta)

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